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Hey there! My name's Austin. I'm glad you stopped by. If you have a moment, you can read a little bit about me.

My love for cameras and photography started at a very young age. When I was ten, I purchased my first camera, a 3.2 megapixel Kodak. I eventually upgraded to a 6.1 megapixel Nikon D50 DSLR. In 2010 I bought a Canon t2i DSLR. I now run Canon full-time, primarily using the 5D series full-frames. Having quality equipment is such a blessing! I love being able to reinvest your investment into my equipment and education.

Although I love photography, my current occupation is teaching in Pella, Iowa. I love working with children,  helping them learn their academics but also learn the bigger lessons in life. The students are definitely the best part of the job, much like you, the clients, are the best part of being a photographer. Because of this wonderful, full-time job as an educator, I shoot mainly on the weekends and over the summers. 

The absolute best part of this profession is getting to see the reaction on the faces of my clients, and the joy of seeing a piece of artwork created using God's creation...you! That's why I use natural-light as much as possible to illuminate my subjects. I don't use Adobe "Photoshop" like the big studios do, because I try to change as little about my subjects as possible. I utilize Adobe Lightroom to  compose the best possible portraits, while changing as little as possible.

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